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We believe that obtaining a medical wig should be a positive experience. We pride ourselves not only in quality, style and service but go the extra mile to ensure that the end client has the most enriching experience while obtaining their wig or headwear.



Our representatives spend an hour with each patient explaining what to expect during medical hairloss, how it falls out, how it will feel, and how to better cope through this difficult transitions.

Preparing our clients for what they will face is important to us. Often there is a fear of the unknown, but by understanding what to expect on their journey makes the process much less difficult to take.

Our representatives counsel & coach each patient through the process of hair loss, offering one on one consultations to prepare them, make recommendations and provide the tools necessary to make informed decisions. 

We can also help select the perfect wig or headwear based on budget and lifestyle allowing patients to take charge of the hair loss process and feel empowered.