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Women's Hair Loss


There are 20 million of women in North America with excessive Hair Loss. 10 Millions of them are under the age of 40. 

Women and Hair Loss - The Transitional Period in the Life of a Woman

Several hormonal changes occur during this transitional period in the life of a woman.  

These may be the cause of significant hair loss, which may, in some cases, progress at an alarming rate.  Such thinning hair patterns are usually inherited from parents or close relatives, and may be evident in a mother or an aunt.  Occasionally thinning hair patterns may occur earlier in life, with the hormonal fluctuations of puberty or of a pregnancy and menopause.

Hair loss in women isn’t always as straightforward as it is in most men.

In men, about 90% of all cases are caused by hereditary male pattern baldness.  In women, however, hair loss can be triggered by a multitude of conditions and circumstances such as over or under active Thyroid Glands, B12, poor blood circulation, poor diet (anorexia) emotional disturbance hormone imbalance.

These conditions mostly cause thinning hair, as well as, autoimmune diseases (ex: Lupus, Alopecia)