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The effect of cancer touches us all. We aim to positively impact the community at large by forming a channel of support that helps make a difference in our patients’ lives through education and empowerment. We believe that when a patient knows what to expect before, during and after medical hair loss, they will be better prepared and less fearful of the unknown. 

WigsCan Inc is not your average 'wigs distributor. We offer care, knowledge and support to cancer patients and individuals facing medical hair loss.

We currently service retailers across Canada and USA, as well as, our own 2 boutiques Martinique Hair Designs in Moncton NB, and Martinique Wigs on Prince Edward Island. We are the exclusive distributor for high end Gisela Mayer European wigs for North America. 

 We have made it our mission to ensure that our clients can feel beautiful at their weakest moment, through our products & services.